vid-agents-300x200VID AGENTS

VID Agents  is a feature length action-comedy web series about the prohibition of video games. The succinct 110 page script will be divided into 16 episodes and each episode will be roughly 10 minutes in length.

The project is greatly influenced by many other great action-comedy films and television series, such as ‘Beverly Hills Cop’, ‘Miami Vice’, and ‘Lethal Weapon’—just to name a few.


Philip Bache

Philip Bache

Philip Bache (native of Sebring) is a writer/director/producer living in Los Angeles and the creator of VID Agents. Some of his works include independent features, shorts, music videos, web shows, and video games.  Watch Cage Shift:  CAGE SHIFT

Currently, he voice directs on AAA titles that have large Hollywood casts (sometimes over 100 actors) and expansive production schedules. Many of these games have gone on to win numerous awards, including ‘Game of the Year’.  Check out the fan ‘spec’ Ghostbusters 3 script he wrote: GHOSTBUSTERS 3

This project will only be funded if at least $30,000 is pledged by Sun, Jul 20 2014 8:01 AM EDT.


Visit KickStarter to make your pledge of $5.00 or more and select your PRIZE for supporting this project.

Our hopes are to go directly into production as soon as our Kickstarter goal is met.