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Open Auditions


Open Audiditions for the one act play, Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You will be September 29 and October 1 at 6 pm and October 3, 9-11 amin the Drs. Thakkar Pavilion. At a Christmaslecture, a nun named Sister Mary Ignatius explains to the audience the basic tenets of Catholicism. She is assisted by her favorite student, Thomas. From time to time, she asks him catechismquestions and gives him a cookie for every right answer. Half-way into her speech, four of her former students enter with the intent to embarrass Sister.


Sister Mary Ignatius: a mature woman, unrelenting, obsessive, stern, judgmental, funny, blunt and opinionated. Not just a nun, but an elementary school teacher. A very devout and stern nun who cares very deeply for her students in her own special way. She knows the way things are and will not accept any deviations from what the Bible says. Requires good energy, pacing, and the ability to memorize long monologues and keep them interesting.

Diane Symonds: Age range 20-40. Tragic, sad, angry, and bitter. Diane’s story is not one of good cheer. She blames Mary for most of the problems in her life.

Gary: Age range 20-40. Appealing, gay, faithful, kind, and reasonable. Is here to help Diane to exact a little told you so. He's a man recently come to terms with himself and carries that confidence and happiness with him. Gary is also a rape victim.

Philomena: Age range 20-40. Simple, sweet, shy, nervous, lonely and insecure. She has a toddler and no husband and a story of Sister Mary beating her for being stupid.

Aloysius: Age range 20-40. Honest, alcoholic, suicidal, angry and unsatisfied. He has a wife, children, and a severe bladder problem brought about by never being allowed to go to the bathroom by his former teacher. He plays the Camel's rump in the pageant.

Thomas: Must be able to play 10 years old. Acurrent star student of the Sister. Parrots catechism with eerie innocence. Dutiful, impressionable, obedient, brainwashed, and cookie obsessed.

Directed by Mike Logsdon the play will be on the McCollum stage one weekend December 11-13.Tickets start at $10 and are available in the Box Office or online.

Highlands Lakeside Theatre will be presenting the play Moonlight and Valentino opening January 8, 2021. Directed by Peter Hall Pollard, casting is scheduled for October 12 ,13,and 15, 2020, at 6:30 pm in the Drs. Thakkar Pavilion at HLT with call backs on Saturday, October 17th at 10 am if needed. Anyone interested in reading the script may contact the director at peterpollard@live,com to receive a copy or to ask any questions about the production. This play is a comedy/drama in two acts and the four primary characters are women. Experience is not necessary and HLT is always looking for new talent, so if you’ve never been on stage before but want to give it a shot, this is a great opportunity. The part of Valentino has no lines but is integral to the plot.

Synopsis of the play:

A woman dealing with an unexpected death has to help her friends with their own crises in this comedy-drama. Rebecca Lott gets an unpleasant surprise while waiting for her husband to return from his daily jog -- he was hit by a car and instantly killed. A handful of Rebecca's friends and relatives rally around her, including her close friend and neighbor Sylvie, her former stepmother Alberta, and her younger sister Lucy, but she has a hard time accepting the fact that she's now a widow (or, as she prefers to put it, "the 'W' word"). It also seems that the women trying to offer Rebecca emotional support could use some of their own: Sylvie's marriage is hanging by a thread; Lucy is depressed and cynical owing to her inexperience with men; and stepmother Alberta, a senior business executive, feels the need to take charge and control the situation. But romance begins to find its way back into Rebecca's life when a handsome younger man hired to paint the house enters the scene. Moonlight and Valentino was based on a screenplay written by Ellen Simon, daughter of comical playwright Neil Simon.


Rebecca Trager Lott: Age range 30 to 40. She is an English professor at Columbia University. She has casual, earthly looks. She is newly widowed

Sylvie Morrow: Age range 30 to 40. Rebecca’s best friend and neighbor. A local potter and priestess of the ”New Age”. She wears flowing skirts, crystals and talismans.

Lucy Trager: 20’s. Rebecca’s sister. A New York University student. She is all curves, and fashion.

Alberta Russell: 50 to 60. Rebecca and Lucy’s ex-stepmother. An investment banker on Wall Street. She is crisp, elegant, shoulder padded.

Valentino: 20 to 30. A man from another country, Shaggy, and good looking. He speaks no English and has come to paint the house.

Subscription packages including tickets to Moonlight and Valentino start at $54 and are available now. Individual tickets start at $20 and are available beginning October 1. Call 863-382-2525or visit

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