Be suspicious of unsolicited calls from contractors

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With all the damage caused by Monday night’s hail storm, we are starting to see unsolicited contractors and roofers in our area.
Like our friends at the Highlands County Sheriff's Office said: That's not illegal, but it is suspicious since most reputable contractors are too busy to be making these calls.
We encourage everyone to do their due diligence before signing any contract, giving anyone money for repairs, or letting a contractor get up on your roof.
Just this morning, our Building division had a call from a local roofing company telling them that someone was out soliciting work and telling residents they pull permits under their company, which that contractor does not!
Make sure any contractor you wish to do business with is licensed and insured.
Two ways to do that is to go to myfloridalicense.com (click on Verify a License) or call (850) 487-1395.
You can also ask questions about their experience and look them up online and read reviews.
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SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/Highlandsfl.gov

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