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Easy Kids Crafts for Mom

Mothers Day is right around the corner. May 12th to be exact. While we already did an article on some last minute Mothers Day Gift Ideas, what about the kids? Children that are, lets say, 13 and under, may not think to actually get mom anything special for her day. We found some amazing craft ideas so that the kids can make mom their very own handmade card, filled with extra love! These handmade card ideas are sure to make mothers everywhere swoon!



The first Mothers Day craft  is a “Handmade Card”, which is just an outline of your child's hand, with a heart in the middle and sweet message to mom.


What you'll need:


At least 2 different colors of construction paper, or thick paper of some kind

A pencil or a pen

Scissors (adult supervision is required)

Tape or glue

Markers or crayons (for coloring later)




Step 1: Fold your first piece of construction paper in half horizontally

Step 2: Trace your child's hands with both thumbs facing out, with their palms up, on the edge of the paper so that at the end the hand will still be connected. *You can always trace the hands separate and then glue them onto the heart in the middle later if that would be easier*



Step 3: Fold your second piece of construction paper in half and trace a heart that is SMALLER than your child's hand, on the edge of the paper.

Step 4: Cut out both the traced hands and the traced heart.


Step 5: Write your message inside the heart.

Step 6: Glue or tape the heart to the hands with the message facing you.

Step 7: Refold the card in half to make sure everything is secure and place in standard envelope or simply give it to mom on Mothers Day.



The next craft is a “Heart Wreath”, which essentially is paper hearts, taped or stapled together, in the shape of a wreath. For an extra fun step, write a message to mom about why you appreciate her on EACH heart. That will guarantee smiles and hugs for weeks to come!


What you'll need:

3-4 different colors of construction paper, or another type of thick paper

Scissors (adult supervision is required)

Tape, glue, or a stapler

Ribbon and/or twine (optional)


Step 1: Cut strips on each piece of paper horizontally across the paper. Two-three strips will be enough. **Half inch strips work better for folding and seem to hold their shape longer.**

Step 2: Fold the strips in half

Step 3: Add a dot of glue (or tape) on one of the top outside ends of the strip

Step 4: Fold the two ends of the strip so that they meet to create a heart shape. Hold the glued ends for 30-60 seconds before releasing to make sure everything is stuck together.

Step 5: Repeat these steps with the rest of your strips.

Step 6: Arrange all the hearts into the shape of a wreath.

Step 7: Start gluing all of your hearts together by adding glue half way down the side of each heart.



Step 8: Repeat until all of your hearts are glued together safely and securely.

Step 9: Add your ribbon or twine to the top of your wreath for hanging purposes (this step is optional).



No matter the occasion, moms love gifts that come from the heart. These cards are a great way for dad and the kids to spend some time together celebrating mom!



From all of us here at Central Florida Cities we hope you have a Happy Mother's Day!





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